About the Artist

Sam painting

Sam Parker was born, raised, and still lives in the Mid West. He and his wife enjoy travel when time allows with trips to Spain, Turkey, Canada, China, India, Costa Rica, and Egypt.

This website showcases some of his most recent work though his involvement in art has been long and varied. With more time to concentrate on his own art, he continues to create and more work will be added to the site as it becomes available. Feel free to visit anytime.


I am influenced by the Russian Constructivists and especially by the theorist and painter Olga Vladmirovna Rozanova who in 1915 wrote, "Modern painting and sculpture is an attempt to propose the principles of dynamism, of volume and of balance, of independent weight, of linear permutation of the flat surface, of rhythm as a systematic organization of space, of flat and linear calculation of texture, of the relationship between the intensity of color and that of mass."

Some of my other influences have been Stanton MacDonald-Wright, Morgan Russell, Aurthur Dove, Auguste Herbin, and Vasily Kandinsky.